Government of the Republic of Moldova

National Anti-Doping Agency



National Anti-Doping Agency of the Republic of Moldova initiated Outreach program with the help of WADA Outreach model (banners, interactive computer activities, translated educational materials) during sport events aiming the promotion of clean sport values among athletes,coaches and other participants.

National Sports Federations and Major Event Organizers interested in carrying out the Outreach program can contact us on phone number: +373  78 301 755 or at email:


22.02.2019 - national weightlifting championship

20-21.05.2017 – the 3rd international taekwondo G-1 championship


25-26.03.2017 - national powerlifting championship



11-12.02.2017 - national weightlifting championship


04-05.02.2017 – national athletics championship



Informații de contact

bd. Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfînt , 180

of. 710, 711; 712; 713

mun. Chişinău, Republica Moldova


tel/fax 373 22 820 815