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05/07/2019 | Comunicate

Prevention and deterrence activities for national team

On the occasion of Moldovan team participation at the European Games 2019 in Minsk, the National Anti-Doping Agency organized a series of activities aiming prevention and deterrence of doping in...detalii
21/05/2019 | Comunicate

Olympic Games Festival "Olympic Fest" 2019

On May 18, 2019, the Olympic Games Festival took place in the Great National Assembly Square, the 9th edition of the Olympic Fest 2019 was dedicated to the European Games in Minsk, which will take...detalii
23/02/2019 | Comunicate

Educational anti-doping seminar for the participants in the national weightlifting championship

On February 22, 2019, during the national weightlifting championship, an educational seminar was conducted by the representatives from the National Anti-Doping Agency for the athletes and athlete...detalii
19/02/2019 | Comunicate

Online training for athletes from the Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation based on the WADA Anti-Doping eLearning (ADeL) platform.

On February, 18, National Anti-Doping Agency has conducted training for the Athletes from the National Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation based on WADA Anti-Doping eLearning (ADeL) platform, education...detalii
21/02/2018 | Comunicate

Training seminar for elite athletes from the National Weightlifting Federation

On February 20, 2018, the National Anti-Doping Agency, at the invitation of the National Weightlifting Federation, conducted a training seminar for elite athletes. The agenda of the seminar was...detalii
29/11/2017 | Comunicate

The Conference "National anti-doping program - features and perspectives"

The National Anti-Doping Agency together with the National Olympic and Sport Committee organized a conference on "National Anti-Doping Program - Features and Perspectives" on Tuesday,...detalii
15/11/2017 | Comunicate

Participation in the Briefing organized by the International Weightlifting Federation

In connection with the suspension of the national weightlifting federation for one year, the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) held a Briefing on Anti-Doping issues in Astana, Kazakhstan...detalii
20/05/2016 | Comunicate

Participation in Regional Training on Education and Prevention of Doping in Sport

Deputy General Director and Officer of the Doping Prevention Department from the National Anti-Doping Agency attended Regional training on education and prevention of doping in sport, organized by...detalii
06/04/2016 | Comunicate

Annual Eastern Europe Regional Anti-Doping Organization (EERADO) Board Meeting

National Anti-Doping Agency of the Republic of Moldova representative participated in the annual Eastern Europe Regional Anti-Doping Organization (EERADO) Board Meeting which was held on 5 th -6 th...detalii
16/02/2016 | Comunicate

Careful! Anabolics

Mihail Grumeza, deputy general director of the National Anti-Doping Agency has expressed his opinion about the problem concerning the anabolics and other doping substances, circulating freely on the...detalii
12/11/2015 | Comunicate

Participation in scientific-practical conference

În the period of 12-13 November, 2015 National Anti-Doping Agency has participated in scientific-practical conference with international participation - Sports Medicine: Challenges and Perspectives...detalii
06/11/2015 | Comunicate

Signing of Cooperation Agreement between the State University of Physical Education and Sport and National Anti-Doping Agency

On November 6 th , 2015 a Cooperation Agreement for prevention and fight against doping in sport on national level was signed between the State University of Physical Education and Sport and National...detalii

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